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Kim CS, Lee JS, Kim TW, Park SY, Kim BS, Im GI, Cho KS.
Reduction of adipose tissue formation by the controlled release of BMP-2 using a hydroxyapatite-coated collagen carrier system for sinus-augmentation/extraction-socket grafting.
Materials 8(11), 7634-7649 (2015)


Ryu S, Yoo J, Jang Y, Han J, Yu SJ, Park J, Jung SY, Ahn KH, Im SG, Char K, Kim BS. 
Nanothin coculture membranes with tunable pore architecture and thermoresponsive functionality for transfer-printable stem cell-derived cardiac sheets.
ACS Nano 9(10): 10186-10202 (2015)


Han J, Park J, Kim BS.    
Integration of mesenchymal stem cells with nanobiomaterials for the repair of myocardial infarction.
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 95:15-28 (2015)

Kang S, Bhang SH, Hwang S, Yoon J, Song J, Jang H, Kim S, Kim BS. 
Mesenchymal stem cells aggregate and deliver gold nanoparticles to tumors for photothermal therapy.
ACS Nano 9(10): 9678-9690 (2015)



Park J, Kim B, Han J, Oh J, Park S, Ryu S, Jung S, Shin JY, Le BS, Hong BH, Choi D, Kim BS. 
Graphene oxide flake as a cellular adhesive: prevention of reactive oxygen species-mediated death of implanted cells for cardiac repair. 
ACS Nano 9(5): 4987-4999 (2015)



Lee JS, Jung JS, Im GI, Kim BS, Cho KS, Kim CS. 
Ridge regeneration of damaged extraction sockets using rhBMP-2: an experimental study in canine. 
Journal of Clinical Periodontology 42(7): 678-87 (2015)


Park S, Park J, Cho SP, Ryu S, Jo I, Park M, Park YH, Hong BH, Kim BS. 
In situ hybridization of carbon nanotubes with bacterial cellulose for three-dimensional hybrid bioscaffolds. 

Biomaterials 58: 93-102 (2015)



Bhang SH, Jang HK, La WG, Kim WS, Kim Kwon Y, Yu T, Kim BS.        
pH-triggered release of manganese from MnAu nanoparticles that enables cellular neuronal differentiation without cellular toxicity. 
Biomaterials 55: 33-43 (2015)



Park J, Kim YS, Ryu S, Kang WS, Park S, Han J, Jeong HC, Hong BH, Ahn Y, Kim BS. 

Graphene Potentiates the Myocardial Repair Efficacy of Mesenchymal Stem Cells through Stimulating Expression of Angiogenic Growth Factors and Gap Junction Protein. 
Advanced Functional Materials 25(17): 2590-2600 (2015)



Han J, Kim B, Shin JY, Ryu S, Noh M, Woo J, Park JS, Lee Y, Lee N, Hyeon T, Choi D, Kim BS. 
Iron oxide nanoparticle-mediated development of cellular gap junction crosstalk to improve mesenchymal stem cells’ therapeutic efficacy for myocardial infarction. 
ACS Nano  9(3):2805-2819 (2015)



Lee JM, Ryu JH, Kim EA, Jo S, Kim BS, Lee H, Im G. 

Adhesive barrier/directional controlled release for cartilage repair by endogenous progenitor cell recruitment  

Biomaterials 39: 173-181 (2015)


Yoo J, Noh M, Kim H, Jeon N, Kim BS (co-corresponding), Kim J. 
Nanogrooved Substrate Promotes Direct Lineage Reprogramming of Fibroblasts to Functional Induced Dopaminergic Neurons. 
Biomaterials 45:36-45 (2015)


Noh SS, Bhang SH, La WG, Lee S, Shin JY, Ma YJ, Jang HK, Kang SK, Jin M, Park J, Kim BS. 
A dual delivery of substance P and bone morphogenetic protein-2 for mesenchymal stem cell recruitment and bone regeneration. 
Tissue Engineering Part A 21(7-8): 1275-1287 (2015) 

Kang S, Lee TJ, Park JB, Ryu S, Bhang SH, La WG, Nho MK, Hong BH, Kim BS. 
Covalent conjugation of mechanically stiff graphene oxide flakes to three-dimensional collagen scaffolds for osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells. 
Carbon 83:162-172 (2015)


Kwon SH, Bhang SH, Jang HK, Rhim T, Kim BS. 
Conditioned medium of ADSC culture in 3D bioreactors for wound healing. 
Journal of Surgical Research  194(1):8-17 (2015)


Shin JY, Jeong JH, Han J, Bhang SH, Jeong GJ, Haque MR, Al-Hilal TA, Byun Y, Kim BS. 
Transplantation of heterospheroids of islet cells and mesenchymal stem cells for effective angiogenesis and anti-apoptosis. 
Tissue Engineering Part A 21(5-6):1024-1035 (2015)


Lee TJ, Kang S, Jeong GJ, Yoon JK, Bhang SH, Oh J, Kim BS.
Incorporation of gold-coated microspheres into embryoid body of human embryonic stem cells for cardiomyogenic differentiation.
Tissue Engineering Part A 21(1-2):374-381 (2015)


Lee JS, Lee SK, Kim BS, Im GI, Cho KS, Kim CS.
Controlled release of BMP-2 using a heparin-conjugated carrier system reduces in vivo adipose tissue formation.                                
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research part A 103(2): 545-554 (2015)