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Lee S, Yoon HI, Na JH, Jeon S, Lim S, Koo H, Han SS, Kang SW, Park SJ, Moon SH, Park JH, Cho YW, Kim BS, Kim SK, Lee T, Kim D, Lee S, Pomper MG, Kwon IC, Kim K.

In vivo stem cell tracking with imageable nanoparticles that bind bioorthogonal chemical receptors on the stem cell surface.

Biomaterials 139: 12-29 (2017)


Heo M, Lee SJ, Lee D, Heo DN, Lee JS, Youn YH, Lee SE, Ko NR, Kim BS, Lim HN, Kwon IK.

Preparation of Mechanically Enhanced Hydrogel Scaffolds by Incorporating Interfacial Polymer Nanorods for Nerve Electrode Application.

Fibers and Polymers 18(11): 2248-2254 (2017).  


Jeong GJ, Oh JY, Kim YJ, Bhang SH, Han J, Kwon SM, Lee TI, Kim BS.

Therapeutic angiogenesis via solar cell-facilitated electrical stimulation.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9(44): 38344-38355 (2017)


Yoon JK, Misra M, Yu SJ, Kim HY, Bhang SH, Song SY, Ryu S, Chu YW, Lee JR, Jeong GJ, Kwon SP, Im SG, Lee TI,

Kim BS.

Thermosensitive, Stretchable, and Piezoelectric Substrate for Generation of Myogenic Cell Sheet Fragments from Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Skeletal Muscle Regeneration. 

Advanced Functional Materials 1703853 (2017)



Choi YS, Kim NK, Kang H, Jang HK, Noh M, Kim J, Shon DJ, Kim BS, Lee JC.

Antibacterial and Biocompatible ABA-Triblock Copolymers Containing Perfluoropolyether and Plant-Based Cardanol for Versatile Coating Applications.  

RSC Advances 7: 38091-38099 (2017)


Son B, Kim JA, Cho SW, Jeong GJ, Kim BS, Hwang NS, Park TH.

Lineage specific differentiation of magnetic nanoparticle-based size controlled human embryoid body.

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3: 1719-1729 (2017) 


Ryu S, Kim H, Kang S, Shin K, Jung SY, Heo J, Han J, Yoon JK, Lee JR, Hong J, Ahn KH, Hyeon T, Hwang NSY, Kim BS.

Reversible cell layering in heterogeneous cell assembly mediated by ionic crosslinking of chitosan and functionalized cell surface membrane.

Chemistry of Materials 29: 5294-5305 (2017)


Yoon JK, Lee TI, Bhang SH, Shin JY, Myoung JM, Kim BS.

A stretchable piezoelectric substrate providing pulsatile mechanoelectric cues for cardiomyogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  9: 22101-22111 (2017)


Kim H, Yoo J, Noh M, Jo DG, Kim J, Lengner CJ, Kim BS, Kim J.

Modeling APOE ε3/4 allele-associated sporadic Alzheimer’s disease in an induced neuron.

Brain 140: 2193-2209 (2017)


Ryu S, Yoo J, Han J, Kang S, Jang Y, Han HJ, Char K, Kim BS.
A Cellular Layer-by-Layer Coculture Platform using Biodegradable, Nanoarchitectured Membranes for Stem Cell Therapy.
Chemistry of Materials 29: 5134-5147 (2017)



Shin JY, Kim HN, Bhang SH, Yoon JK, Suh KY, Jeon NL, Kim BS.
Topography-Guided Control of Local Migratory Behaviors and Protein Expression of Cancer Cells.
Advanced Healthcare Materials 6: 1700155 (2017)


Kang S, Lee J, Ryu S, Kwon Y, Kim KH, Jeong DH, Paik SR, Kim BS.   

Gold Nanoparticle/Graphene Oxide Hybrid Sheets Attached on Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Photothermal Cancer Therapy.

Chemistry of Materials 29: 3461-3476 (2017) 

Noh M, Kim SH, Kim J, Lee JR, Jeong GJ, Yoon JK, Kang S, Bhang SH, Yoon HH, Lee CH, Hwang NS, Kim BS.
Graphene oxide reinforced hydrogels for osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells.
RSC Advances 7: 20779-20788 (2017)

Kim HN, Jang KJ, Shin JY, Kang D, Kim MS, Koh I, Hong Y, Jang S, Kim MS, Kim BS, Jeong HE, Jeon NL, Kim P, Suh KY.
Artificial slanted nanocilia arrays as a mechanotransducer for controlling cell polarity.
ACS Nano 11(1): 730-741 (2017)


Yoo J, Jang Y, Kim H, Choi H, Baek S, Jeong GJ, Kim H, Kim BS (co-corresponding), Kim J.

Efficient direct lineage reprogramming of fibroblasts into induced cardiomyocytes with nanotopographical cues.

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnogy 13: 269-279 (2017)


Bhang SH, Jang WS, Han J, La WG, Yoon JK, Lee E, Kim YS, Shin JY, Lee TJ, Baik HK, Kim BS.
Zinc oxide nanorod-based piezoelectric dermal patch for wound healing.
Advanced Functional Materials 27(1): 1603497 (2017)



Baek SB, Oh J, Song J, Choi H, Yoo J, Park GY, Han J, Kim BS (co- corresponding), Kim J.
Generation of integration-free induced neurons using graphene oxide-polyethylenimine.
Small 13(5): 1601993 (2017)